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NameDate Created
Bernard Baboon11/11/2003
Bernard Baboon (P)11/11/2003
Bertha Bear (P)11/11/2003
Balin Bandicoot11/11/2003
Balin Bandicoot (P)11/11/2003
Barabas Bull 11/11/2003
Benjamin Bull 11/11/2003
Benjamin Bull (P)11/11/2003
Bently Buffalo11/11/2003
Bertha Bear11/11/2003
Beth Brachiosaurus11/11/2003
Beth Brachiosaurus (P)11/11/2003
Betty Buffalo11/11/2003
Bev Beaver11/11/2003
Black Bart Bradyosaurus11/11/2003
Black Bart Bradyosaurus (P)11/11/2003
Caspar Chipmunk (P)11/11/2003
Cecillia Cow11/11/2003
Cecillia Cow (P)11/11/2003
Chadee Camel11/11/2003
Chadee Camel (P)11/11/2003
Chun Camel11/11/2003
Chun Camel (P)11/11/2003
Crystek Camel11/11/2003
Crystek Camel (P)11/11/2003
Charlie Cheeta11/11/2003
Charlie Cheeta (P)11/11/2003
Chase Cheeta11/11/2003
Chase Cheeta (P)11/11/2003
Clark Chamois11/11/2003
Clark Chamois (P)11/11/2003
Chikako Crab (P)11/11/2003
Clyde Coyote11/11/2003
Clyde Coyote (P)11/11/2003
Badria Bear11/11/2003
Badria Bear (P)11/11/2003
Bahati Badger11/11/2003
Barabas Bull (P)11/11/2003
Bently Buffalo 11/11/2003
Bently Buffalo (P)11/11/2003
Aaron Aardvark10/18/2003
Angela Aardvark10/18/2003
Aluna Aardwolf10/18/2003
Amilia Ant10/18/2003
Ajala Ant Eater10/18/2003
Anthony Antelope10/18/2003
Amos Ape10/18/2003
Afram African Ass10/18/2003
Wooden Toad1990
Wooden Unicorn (sans horn)1990
Wooden Bear1982
Wooden Elephantn/a

and the other